Snow Shoveling FAQ’s


We pay 2 business days after a storm (storm work time frames can last from 1-4 nights)

Starting this year, we will be paying via Visa Bank Card. All worker’s first card will available to be picked up from our office 2 business days after working with us. The card will then be reloaded whenever you work with us. The card will be yours to keep, and you can even connect your bank account to it.

Mainly doing shoveling and product application, working alongside our drivers during snow storms. Please only work with us if you are in good health and able to perform manual tasks involving repetitive motion, bending over, lifting up to 30 lbs. for long periods of time (shifts can last anywhere from 5 to 20 hours – we are at the mercy of mother nature!)

You are working for us as a contracted position, so there are no unemployment, health, vacation, or workman’s compensation benefits.

Show up and work for us whenever your schedule allows! We do insist once you commit to a storm, you work the entire shift. If you know you have upcoming court, day care or school issues, or another job that interferes with getting the job done with us, please skip that storm.

You need to be have a valid form of current photo ID. This can include driver’s license, US Passport, work visa, or school ID. You will not be allowed to get on a crew until you have signed on with a driver and provided that ID. You need to know your social security number (not knowing it or getting it wrong will delay your pay) You also need to have an address that we can mail your pay to.

Please sign up on our text notification system by sending the word “CAMSNOW” to number 25827. By doing that, you will be automatically enrolled to received notifications we send out with information on when we need people, and what time to meet at our yard (along with location). People that can drive themselves to job sites are always an additional bonus!

We use an app to clock in and out of work (run on the driver’s phone). When you are filling out your form, check the “email me”.

Please make sure you bring a face covering with you in order to work. Do not come to work with us if you have been in contact with anyone awaiting results on a COVID-19 test or who has been diagnosed. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, we ask that you stay home till you are well again.

We pay the rates we pay because it’s a tough job. Prepare yourself, and it will be a lot easier!! Dress warm (layers, waterproof outerwear, waterproof insulated boots, hat, insulated gloves) pack a lunch and bring plenty of water!